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We have a wide range of high quality charging station solutions, including charging boxes, charging cables and charging posts.

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Ikon laddstation

Charging solutions

We have safe solutions for charging of electric vehicles by tenant, companies and parking as well as private car owners at home.

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Ikon laddstation

CTEK E-Mobility

We develop and produce our charging stations in Sweden, always with safety and technology in focus. Since May 2018, we are part of CTEK Group.

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EVA Wallbox for electrical vehicles


Wall or pole mounted EV charger

Effective charging

A fast and powerful wallbox with power up to 22kW, dual Type 2 socket/fixed EV charging cables and RFID.

Highest security level

Equipped with built-in RCBO + DC leakage detector and with MID-approved energy meter

Load Balancing

With our NanoGrid load balancing solution for home use, you do not have to worry about the main fuse blowing. The power of the charger will automatically adjust to the capacity of the main fuse.

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Directly transmitted statistics from our cloud-based portal solution; Charge Portal

Charging right now
Number of charging sessions
Fossil-free kilometres
CO2 savings in tonnes


A portable 11 kW EV charger that gives you fast, reliable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at home, or when you’re on the move.

Portable 11 kW EV charger

NJORD™ GO from CTEK is a durable, lightweight and portable all-in-one EV charger available with a type 2 connector.

No installation necessary

Simply plug the unit into your domestic or commercial CEE socket.

App controlled

CTEK NJORD app gives you mobile phone control for BLUETOOTH®/WiFi charging and scheduling

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Our mission:

To provide the safest electric car charging solutions on the market

Charge Portal:

Cloud-based web portal for charging stations

Whether you are an electrician who charges your vehicle and wants to see statistics, an electrician who installs charging stations, or an administrator who manages the payment of electric vehicle charging, you will be pleased with the Charge Portal. With our Charge Portal you can delete and add users, manage RFID tags, export data, view usage statistics, manage scheduling, view status from all your charging stations, and more besides.

Charging sessions
View the number of active charging sessions, monitor specific charging sessions, control power, etc.

Error reporting and diagnostics via remote switching – put an end to expensive service visits!

Updating our control cards can be done remotely, to ensure you always have updated software

Statistics and users
Monitor how the devices are used, and manage users, RFID tags, scheduling, etc.

Some of the customers to whom we proudly deliver charging solutions

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