“Taking Charge” – Control your EV charger via mobile phone

We think it should be easy to charge your electric car, with our EV charger app this will be the reality! With a simple and user-friendly app, you can schedule charging, view history and set current and power in real time. In order for you to be able to access our free app as an individual, you must have an Chargestorm Connected with ethernet or 3G (option) internet connection.

With our app you can do the following:

– Scheduling – Start/Stop
– History, data and software update
– Set current and charging power in real time
– Tag management (RFID)
– Selection of LED-brightness on the Wallbox
– See power for active charging session

More features and improvements in the app will be released on a regular basis.

App for EVA Wallbox

Product sheet

Are you interested in more specifications? Please download our product sheet on our App Taking Charge.

Taking Charge – App