Charging at home – the easy way

As an individual, it may seem difficult to choose the right charging solution, there are many products in the market where both quality and performance vary widely. Our popular charging solution is called Chargestorm Connected and fits very well at home. Our EV charger comes in many versions, so you can easily find the model that fits your home. We also have skilled partners/installers who can help you get everything in place.

All security built-in

Chargestorm Connected obviously meets all safety regulations and standards in electric car charging and has built-in fuse, RCBO (Type A + DC leakage detector) and MID-approved energy meter.

Chargestorm Connected

Chargestorm Connected has the features you need with many option. If you are unsure what is the best for you and your car, we will be happy to help.

Smart Wallbox

With Chargestorm Connected you have the option to connect the wallbox to our App for full usage data, statistics and remote services. Our load balancing for home use has also become very popular.

EVA Wallbox for electrical vehicles

Chargestorm Connected:

The market’s most modern wallbox

Effective charging

A fast and powerful wallbox with power up to 22kW, dual Type 2 socket/fixed EV charging cables and RFID.

Highest security level

Equipped with built-in RCBO + DC leakage detector and with MID-approved energy meter

Load Balancing

With our NanoGrid load balancing solution for home use, you do not have to worry about the main fuse blowing. The power of the charger will automatically adjust to the capacity of the main fuse.

Discover Chargestorm Connected

Load balancing at home with Chargestorm NanoGridTM

With Chargestorm Connected, you can order the unit with built-in load balancing support. Perfect when you want to charge your car at home. With this solution an energy meter is mounted at the incoming feed, and this keeps track of what the house is pulling and the size of the main fuse. From the energy meter, a mod-bus loop is then connected to the EV charger.

The load balancing solution works automatically, and the car’s charge is adjusted and optimized at all times, depending on how much power the house is drawing. Our load balancing solution protects the home’s power grid from overload while at the same time providing efficient charging.

How load balancing for electrical cars at home work

Taking Charge – App:

Control the charging of your EV via our app

Gain full control of how and when your electric car is to be charged. App-based control of Chargestorm Connected, both for Android and iOS.

Chargestorm Connected App

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