Charge Portal – Full control of the EV charging site

For larger installations where high demands are made on operation, monitoring and administration of users and charging stations, we recommend Charge Portal. Charge Portal is our cloud-based charging portal where the administrator gets full control of all users and chargers via a computer. Thanks to a smooth interface and easy login to our connected devices, physical site visits can be minimized. Alarm management, history, software updates, RFID tag management are some of the features that are highly rated by our users. Since our start in 2009, Charge Portal has handled over 2.2 million charging sessions, giving us a huge experience and important knowledge about EV charging infrastructure.

Charge Portal has the following features:

– Easy access from all browsers
– Scalable platform from small to large installations
– User Administration
– Tag management (RFID)
– Operation, system monitoring and configuration
– History and data about charging sessions
– Export of data on consumption, time, user, etc.
– System statistics are presented in nicely designed diagrams
– Alarm function for system messages
– Software updates, remotely
– Supports OCPP and Green-eMotion standards

Product sheet

Are you interested in more specifications? Please download our product sheet for Charge Portal

Charge Portal