Three levels of load balancing

We call our load balancing for NanoGrid. It’s a smart power solution for overload protection over the power grid. With our system, you do not have to worry about getting the main fuse tripping. We have three different types of load balancing depending on your needs.

Ikon laddstation

NanoGrid – Home

With our popular load balancing for home use, you never have to worry about the main fuse tripping. An additional energy meter is mounted at the incoming mains, which then “talks” via modbus communication to the wallbox. We set the main fuse data into our charge control unit, the charging is then dynamically adjusted and the house always has priority.

Ikon laddstation

NanoGrid – Local

Our local load balancing is managed directly from the charge control unit into a selected “master device”. All devices are connected with ethernet cables to a common switch. The load balancing can then be set as desired and against a given value or main fuse. Our local load balancing works without an internet connection.

Ikon laddstation

NanoGrid – Grid Central

With our external Grid Central cabinet, the load balancing system can also take other important consumers into account such as lifts, ventilation, lighting, etc. The system keeps track of other consumers via transformer measurement. Our Grid Central is a compact device cabinet that contains a charge control unit, energy meter and transformer measurement equipment.

Load balancing at home, NanoGrid – Home

With our load balancing for your home to Chargestorm Connected, you not have to worry that the main fuse will trip. The power of the charger will automatically be set at no risk for overload. With Chargestorm Connected, you can make an option with a load balancing feature at home. The solution means that an additional energy meter is mounted on incoming feed. This energy meter is wired to the charging station’s control board.

When the load balancing is activated, it automatically works and the car’s charge is adjusted and optimized all the time, depending on how much power the house draws. Our load balancing solution protects your home’s power grid from overload while providing efficient charging.

NanoGrid – home, perfect for: Villa, summerhouse, guesthouse etc.

Load balancing – between several devices, NanoGrid – Local

When several electric cars charge at the same time, load balancing can be required to avoid overload. In case of overload, the system automatically adjusts the power of the charging stations or alternatively turns off them completely. With load balancing enabled, the electric car charge will be limited to the maximum allowable current. If the power is controlled, charging will take a little longer, but no fuse will trip.

The load balancing function is based on Ethernet communication between the wallboxes. To each device, power and Ethernet cable is connected at the time of installation. The stations are connected in a common switch. The system does not need to be connected to the internet to work, local communication between the devices is sufficient for full functionality.

NanoGrid – local, perfect for: Tenant, company, parking etc.

Load balancing with external device cabinet, NanoGrid – Grid Central

Grid Central is a long-term investment that enables reliable and carefree electric car charging. Grid Central is a separate device that contains all load balancing technologies. This box manages charging stations and also external loads such as lighting, ventilation, elevator and more. With our unique load balancing system, important electrical equipment in the parking environment can be prioritized and the power grid is protected from overload. When several electric cars are charging simultaneously, overload in the mains can occur. In some cases, the fuses will trip. With Chargestorm Grid Central, a costly redevelopment of existing power grids is avoided.

The system measures the service that enters the property and controls the power outlets in the charging stations. The size of the main fuse is fed against the grid control board. This is all our system needs to ensure the stability of the property network.To install charging stations as well as Chargestorm Grid Central, a qualified and trained electrician is required.

NanoGrid – Grid Central, perfect for: Parking lot, real estate, industries, etc.

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NanoGrid – Load balancing