Charging and systems for parking solutions

In the near future, all carriers will need to offer charging for electric vehicles. In such contexts, a charger must be able to handle tough weather conditions and the demands of an exposed public environment, which makes the CSR100 charger an ideal choice. The CSR100 is a modern and user-friendly charging station that can easily be supplemented with payment solutions, monitoring and load balancing systems for cost-effective management.

Designed for public environments

The CSR100 has a specially designed design to handle tough weather conditions and locations in exposed public environments such as parking spaces and car parks.

Load Balancing

With our unique load balancing system, important electrical equipment in the parking environment can be prioritized and the power grid is protected from overload. For example, in a parking garage, lighting and elevators are prioritized.

Connected and available

Because the charging station is connected, the software can be remotely upgraded. In addition, the parking company can monitor current charges and the use and status of the devices.

Charging station CSR100 for electric cars and hybrids

Charging station CSR100:

Our most powerful and robust charging station

Effective charging

The CSR100 is a powerful charging station with power up to 22kW on dual Type 2 sockets or Type 1 or Type 2 solid-charge cables.

Load Balancing

Our NanoGridTM is a smart power solution for overload protection of the power grid – no need to worry about the main fuse blowing!

Robust design

The CSR100 is designed for tough conditions in public environments and can withstand both torrid weather conditions and external impact.

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Charge Portal:

Cloud-based web portal for charging stations

Whether you are an electrician who charges your vehicle and wants to see statistics, an electrician who installs charging stations, or an administrator who manages the payment of electric vehicle charging, you will be pleased with the Charge Portal. With our Charge Portal you can delete and add users, manage RFID tags, export data, view usage statistics, manage scheduling, view status from all your charging stations, and more besides.

Charging sessions
View the number of active charging sessions, monitor specific charging sessions, control power, etc.

Error reporting and diagnostics via remote switching – put an end to expensive service visits!

Updating our control cards can be done remotely, to ensure you always have updated software

Statistics and users
Monitor how the devices are used, and manage users, RFID tags, scheduling, etc.

Load balancing with Chargestorm NanoGridTM

Load balancing illustration

When several electric vehicles charge at the same time

Load balancing is required to manage the risk of overload in the local power grid when many vehicles charge simultaneously. In the event of overload, the system automatically communicates with charging stations to lower the charging current or temporarily turn off the charging completely.

Prioritization of key equipment

With our load balancing solution, you can relatively easily instruct the system as to which technical equipment should be prioritized if the charging current has to be lowered. For example, in a parking garage with many ongoing charges, lighting and elevators can be prioritized.

Easy to install in the property

The system measures the service that enters the property and controls the power outlets in the charging stations. All our solution needs to know is the size of the main fuse for the property in order to ensure the stability of the property grid.

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