Smart charge for tenant-owner housing associations

As the number of electric cars increases, more and more tenant-owner housing associations are choosing to arrange charging facilities for their members, and statistics show that this can even enhance the value of the property. Among our products, Chargestorm Connected with dual Type 2 socket is the most popular option. This solution can easily be supplemented with RFID tags to facilitate management of access to the charging boxes and how the cost of electricity consumption is to be distributed within the association. Please contact us and we will be delighted to help you find the best solution for your needs – we have many successful reference cases within the area of tenant-owner housing.

Linked to the property system

Our connected solutions can be integrated with the association’s property system, making it easy to administer the cost of charging directly on rental revenues.

Increased value of the property

An association with charging solutions is attractive to potential tenant-owners, and a number of real estate agents have confirmed that such solutions lead to increased interest from buyers and provide added-value.

Smart Wallbox

With Chargestorm Connected you have the option to connect the wallbox to our App for full usage data, statistics and remote services. Our load balancing for home has also become very popular.

EVA Wallbox for electrical vehicles


Wall or pole mounted EV charger

Effective charging

A fast and powerful wallbox with power up to 22kW, dual Type 2 socket/fixed EV charging cables and RFID.

Highest security level

Equipped with built-in RCBO + DC leakage detector and with MID-approved energy meter

Load Balancing

With our NanoGrid load balancing solution for home use, you do not have to worry about the main fuse blowing. The power of the charger will automatically adjust to the capacity of the main fuse.

Discover Chargestorm Connected

Load balancing with Chargestorm NanoGridTM

Load balancing illustration

When several electric vehicles charge at the same time

Load balancing is required to manage the risk of overload in the local power grid when many vehicles charge simultaneously. In the event of overload, the system automatically communicates with charging stations to lower the charging current or temporarily turn off the charging completely.

Prioritization of key equipment

With our load balancing solution, you can relatively easily instruct the system as to which technical equipment should be prioritized if the charging current has to be lowered. For example, in a parking garage with many ongoing charges, lighting and elevators can be prioritized.

Easy to install in the property

The system measures the service that enters the property and controls the power outlets in the charging stations. All our solution needs to know is the size of the main fuse for the property in order to ensure the stability of the property grid.

Taking Charge – App:

Control the charging of your EV via our app

Gain full control of how and when your electric car is to be charged. App-based control of Chargestorm Connected, both for Android and iOS.

Chargestorm Connected App

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