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Home Charger – EVA

Chargestorms new product EVA is the first home charger in the market for electric vehicle charging to clearly visualize what happens when charging. EVA can be ordered with a power outlet or fixed charging cable with different output from 3,6kW to 22kW.

– Simple, stylish and maintenance-free is the motto of EVA. “A better charging station for housing associations and business parking is hard to find”

Thanks to the load monitor customers can install multiple charging stations in a parking lot without the risk of overload in the power grid. This because the product is compatible with Chargestorms power monitor family CGC. EVA has a built-in personal protection (by fuse and RCD), which easily can be restored via the controls on the outside, if something would trigger it.

The charging station can connect to a web portal via Ethernet, 3G or Wi-Fi, in which customers receive statistics and have the option to configure their EVA units.

If EVA replaces a car heater central the charging station can be equipped with Schuko Outlets. Installation and service is carried out simply by opening the latch at the top and fold down the hinges attached front. With the front open, it is easy to screw the unit on the wall using four screws and connect incoming power to the terminal blocks at the bottom.

EVA is now available and will shortly be available in Chargestorms web shop.